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Travel: Japan, Fukuoka (Part 1)

The highlight of this trip was surely visiting Saga Ureshino, Taishoya. The streets were completely empty and very clean. There were a couple of dogs tied to the low-rise houses and cars glided along relatively slowly. The only sight of excitement was the three-level pachinko parlor in neon pink and green, which we mistook for a shopping mall. Next to the parlor was a tiny tea house. This is a really quaint town to reside in.

One can expect Japanese-style service standards, cleanliness and attention to details. No pictures of the onsen as everyone’s in their birthday suit 😉 My onsen experience was a mixed one. Thought that the idea of it was good, but it was way too hot for my liking. My heart raced so quickly, I needed to get out within 15 mins of me soaking in the hot tub. Believe we have to observe some etiquette before getting into the onsen, something along the line of showering. But believe me, the Japanese scrub themselves so clean from head to toe, you’ll feel embarrassed. Know how we always briefly shower before going into the swimming pool? Yeah, you get the drift – key word is briefly. It’s EMBARRASSING. Haha. So, a gentle reminder to myself to check out some etiquette for future reference.

Overall, I went along without much expectations, nor knowing what to expect. Sometimes, it’s better this way and was pleasantly surprise with the room as I was previously told that it is communal sleeping-style and it will be a little squeeze for six people. The room was compact with a dining area, which was also sleeping area and a nice cosy spot to look at a small landscape.
I think it was done tastefully 🙂

We put on our robes and went mad with the camera. I’m sure anyone would do so too 🙂 So, we were figuring out how to tie the robes and everyone ended up tying ribbons at the side, back and front. Whichever that pleases them.

We wrapped up this perfect day with dinner. Not many photos because I was too greedy! What I really liked about this set-up is the effort that went into it. As I’ve mentioned, the dining area was also the common area and sleeping zone. It was tedious putting everything together and tearing it down. Also, a lot of effort went into the menu, food portion, as well as choice of dinnerware. I guess this is the trademark of Japanese hospitality 🙂
Will continue with more updates…


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