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Travel: Japan, Fukuoka (Part 2)

Resided in ANA Crowne Plaza, which was about 3 stops away from the airport. Took the train, walked a little and arrived at destination. Our room was overlooking the building’s garden, and directly facing the office buildings. The garden was good, not so for the office crowd. It’s a pity I had to keep the curtains closed. Decent hotel – clean, most importantly. Think Japan faces the same issue as Singapore; land scarcity. The toilet however, felt hollow. How should I best describe it…tiny, yet I appreciated the lack of space. Compact is a better word.

The shops at Fukuoka (at JR Hakata Plaza) closes at 9pm sharp. After dinner, we were walking around aimlessly looking for something to do. The initial plan was to have desserts. What we discovered was that, there’s only two dessert stalls open at that hour. One was pancake; the other…green tea parlor. The other half hates green tea, but I love it. Our previous visits to Hong Kong, Taipei and Bangkok made us assume that there was going to be some sort of night market, but no – there isn’t. We continued the journey and chanced upon a rooftop garden. The cafe was closed. There’s something about silent, cold nights that I really love. It was comfortably silent.

Covered the highlights of this trip in my previous post. See, I have some background music playing and it’s really amazing. I think, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the night and continue with updates tomorrow 🙂

If you are in the mood, please enjoy:

Sweetest dreams tonight!

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