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Jay Chou Opus 2013 Word Tour: Singapore

Extremely pleased that despite being sick, I still attended ‘Jay Chou Opus 2013 World Tour: Singapore’. Having attended three of his concerts for the past three years, I definitely saw changes in the way the concert unfolded. From merely standing and singing, to teasing out some dance moves, the introduction of digital images to enhance the experience…to a really pleasing, all-the-way concert with confident dance moves, solid story lines, and a tad of personality.

I’m impressed.

The theme for the concert was ‘时光到流’, in simple translation, it means ‘to go back in time‘.
I sure did feel that way having started listening to him when I was 14 – just a school girl in pinafore. With every song he played, there were memories of school – some good, some bad, and some totally in-between; where we idled our days away wondering what it would be like when we were older. When he focused on how long ago the song was written: 世界末日 was written 15 years ago and some, 12 years back, I can’t help but sigh…amazing how an artiste actually followed us through this long.

Memories of friendships made and lost, the milestones (think streaming, ‘O’ Levels etc), the stuggles of being an almost adult – where I had curfews to thinking that we had knew it all, we had it all.

I don’t know what happened, I stopped listening to him for a long while…Guess life caught up and  had lesser idling moments.

The only reason why I kept attending his concerts was strongly due to my partner; he is die-hard fan. I get tickets to every concert (I know, why am I complaining?), and with each concert…I looked forward to the next. It also helps with a good friend who constantly drops gentle reminder of his existence.

Money and time well spent! 

Please do attend his next concert if you are still sitting on the fence 🙂 Maybe, I’ll fly to Taipei next time instead!





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