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ArtistiQ Sugarcraft

I spent a Saturday morning at ArtistiQ Sugarcraft a couple of weeks back to learn the art of pipping (my mum introduced this place). I think the best part of putting together a cake or cupcakes is the decoration bit. I’m also not the biggest fan of cleaning up my work space and I certainly don’t like to see mess.

It was a pleasant start to the morning with smooth traffic and a rather laid-back environment. Located somewhere in Selegie, ArtistiQ Sugarcraft is hosted in a shophouse. It does look refurbish as it exhibited the old yet modern finishes; perfect for an arty adventure.

For the record, Shan is the baker between us both and I was just going along with the flow acting like I understood the terms used. If I really had to choose between both, I’ll prefer looking over recipes and putting together a meal. But pipping is equally enjoyable and tedious too.

I should have taken a decent photo of how huge the kitchen was. I think the size is really to-die-for in today’s context. Kitchens these days are really tiny. I briefly asked a developer what was the reason and he said that based on research, Singaporeans do not spend as much time in the kitchen as compared to other spaces at home. This makes sense.

Credits to the instructor for being patient and what’s most important was that I could follow through the lesson. Not too many Jargons were used, clear instructions, and a couple of tips and tricks to shorten certain processes.

It’s really not too bad for a first-timer right? 🙂

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