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Beauty: What’s your skincare routine like?

 As cliché as this may sound, having good skin is like having good ‘canvas’ to ‘paint’ on. It aids to smoothen the process when putting on make-up and generally boosts your overall confidence.

I must admit that having good skin is however hard work in Singapore. I did notice how much easier it was back in those days when I was studying in Brisbane and during trips to colder and less humid countries – my hair was so manageable and putting on make up was a really enjoyable process. For some reason, the make-up colours, after application, too appeared more vibrant!
As you get older, you become more in tune with your body changes. You know which areas of your face are most oily and which time of the day you need to blot. You will also find out which are the days you are the oiliest and therefore adjust your skincare requirements accordingly!
So, no big secret to skincare but the key word is to observe your body changes and simply adjust.
I was introduced to SK-II by my sister-in-law. She has skin worthy of being called ‘high-fashion’ – fair, smooth and glowing. The best part of all is that she doesn’t use much make-up and most of the days she would skip make-up entirely. This was pretty much what I aspired to be.
She gave me my first set of SK-II products for Christmas one year, a couple of years back and I’ve never looked back. I’ve tried most of the SK-II products and if I had to narrow down to my favourites it would be the following three items:
Facial Treatment Essence
See, I love it so much I purchased the 215ml. In my opinion, it helps to tighten my skin and clears it. Some call it dry but I think it is just working it’s magic. This is my daily after cleansing must-do. 
Cellumination Essence Ex
Ha! This product I swear by it. If you only have enough to get one product – please get this. It brightens, whitens and gives your skin a ‘pearlish’ shine even without make-up. This made a huge difference to my skin and the reason why I know was because when I stopped using for a few months, as I wanted to try other product, I notice that the shine wasn’t as ‘shiny’. This would be my second step after the Facial Treatment Essence.
SK-II Stempower
 And lastly, the very rich moisturizer. I must say that not everyone can use this as it is cream-based. Our weather isn’t exactly very forgiving either and therefore you can look quite oily by late morning the day.
I only use the SK range at night because I sleep with the air-con on and would require more moisture. I too heard that your skin repairs itself most at night and therefore I wanted to reserve the best for then!
Some of my friends felt that SK is too rich for them so it’s always best to pop by the counter to get some samples before investing as they can be quite costly.
The other range that I like to use is Laneige as it is water-based. As I have mentioned earlier, SK moisturizer tends to make me look oily by late morning so I had to look around for a water-based product. I tried the following three products from Laneige and have been using them for over a year:
Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream
This is my day-time moisturizer. It doesn’t give me an over oily look, reduces the number of times I need to blot my face and is moist enough to get me through the day. There are some days when my face is dryer and what that happens, I use SK on my cheeks and Laneige on the rest of my face in the morning. When it comes to my forehead I do a touch-and-go motion quickly as it does get VERY oily through the day. We all have the same problems. I love my water bank and will be trying the timefreeze soon!
Laneige White Plus Renew Eye cream
I’ve used many eye cream previously. But so far I find this suitable for my under eyes. I like the applicator and use it when I need a perk-me-up look as I have a very puff face in the morning which will make my dark eye rings look extremely bad. I actually prefer its predecessor as it came with SPF but they no longer stock them at the counters. This was how I came about knowing about the eye cream. The kind lady over the counter gave me all her samples – the one with SPF. I find that products with SPF will instantly brighten your face. And I cannot leave my house without sunblock.
Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

 Of course, the best seller of Laneige! I use this as my skincare cheat sheet when I’m extremely lazy or when I’m getting away for a one-day staycation or nearby trip. This is also amazing too. When you wake up you may think that there is no difference to the face. Wait until you rinse your face with water and you will feel with your fingertips on how moist and smooth the face is.  I use this every twice a week or as and when I’m lazy. BUT don’t be lazy as your skin is worth every time spent for both mornings and nights.
With the many steps and processes you are almost done. Slap on sunblock and you are good to go! 
Have fun experimenting & catch up at the next post!
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