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Singapore Attractions: Visit to Trick Eye Musuem

Thus Far…

It’s been a month since I had a drastic change in my lifestyle and I really cannot believe how time swooshed by so quickly. I too wonder every-single-day if it weren’t for the many significant events, both good and not-so-good, that took place would I be doing what I’m doing right now. I can probably answer that – probably not. I guess when you get the opportunity to relearn living; you do it with much gusto & adopt a YOLO motto. Such opportunities don’t come by easily and I’m attempting to do things differently from what is expected and from what I expect.

In about a month’s time, I’ll be headed to London to pursue a mini-dream and to fulfill my mom’s dreams. Somehow I simply can’t comprehend the idea that I’m going to London, again (with much excitement)! It wasn’t how I expected life to unfold, but it did.

I’m scared as hell, truly. And I hope with all my heart that this will be a happier route 🙂

The Other Day @ Trick Eye Museum, Resorts World Sentosa

Excuse me dude, you are in the way. Now…MOVE!

I didn’t tell you…but this was supposed to be the original Starry Night painting by Vincent van Gogh! I’ve no idea who took me out of the picture! I could have been famous!

Spiderman farts.

Spiderman slides. 

Think twice before sky-diving with this chap. This could definitely & easily happen!
 I actually look quite blissful with a fake man.

Quite convincing as a jockey, no?

Quite good a visit! I think best to grab a few friends, fool around a little just before a meal and be in time for dinner. The laughing & posing sure made us really really hungry.

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