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Travel: An Unfortunate Start to Hong Kong & Macau Trip, 8-13 May 2014

In summary, I went through many hoops for the Hong Kong-Macau trip. And one key takeaway learning lesson is – to always check if there are any major public holidays or important season (e.g. Mother’s Day) before you book cheap airfare deals with budget airlines or bear the agony of forking out more or equal to that of all full-service airline. 

What you pay is really what you’d get, so can’t blame no one but myself.

See, Shan & I booked our fares sometime September 2013 for a trip in May 2014. We bagged the really really affordable airfares & were quite looking forward to the trip. Fast forward to first quarter of 2014, life got a little messy & the ‘i cannot go due to medical reasons, let’s see how this goes’ started looming by no fault of either of us. Just that life got messy.

We decided not to go ahead with the trip in Feb 2014 and would forfeit the cheap fares as no cancellation, change of flight or change of name was allowed (change of name is allowed but it cost more than my airfare!). Come March 2014, suddenly the trip became a viable option! We toyed with the idea of going, again…

Ok so we are going.

First thought was quickly book accommodation. And when this was settled, I realised I have a prior appointment & fulfillment on Mother’s Day! I racked my brains to think of the best solution & was quite bothered about it for days. Unfortunately, my best solution was that Shan flew to HKG first & I would meet up with her.

Remember I cannot change or cancel my flight? So I had to book another flight to HKG. My cheap fares were not so cheap after a 1 + 1 airfare, just one day apart.

At Changi Airport on 9 May

Not the end of drama. So I checked in and at the counter realised I forgot to purchase baggage allowance. If I had bought it online, it would be SGD$15. At the counter it was SGD$60. I wished at that moment that I didn’t knew it was SGD$15 to book online or earlier.

At the end of the day, my initial expenses of 1 airfare on 8 May, 1 airfare on 9 May and 1 baggage allowance purchase would have put me on a flight on Singapore Airlines or Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong.

Arriving in Hong Kong & The Next Few Days

My journey to HKG was made worst with Black Rain. Read: Black Rain. Yup, caught in the rain… And the next few days, it poured too. That explains why we were stuck indoors and in the hotel room most of the trip as some have commented that both of us were on a trip to take #OOTD photos. No choice.

Imagine my relief when I arrived at Nathan hotel – quite huge for a Hong Kong standard.









That’s all the photos we had in HKG, thanks to the rain!

Macau: Sheraton Macau

First time there, probably the last as well. Not suitable for non-gamblers & a group of girls.







Midnight snack 🙂










See, mostly indoors even at Macau. We brought the rain over with us. The end! 🙂
Mental Note
Germany Vs Algeria
Monday, 1 July 2014. Singapore Time: 4a.m.

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