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Travel: Italy, Florence 14 – 17 Jan 2014

SQ A380

I took off from Singapore on 31 December at 11:55am for my honeymoon and did an earlier brief photo post on my stay in Paris (Travel Photos: France, Paris. With Love.).

We spent our new year countdown on the plane hoping there will be some party onboard. I imagined there would be Christmas decorations, confetti, buntings hanging in the cabin and popping of Champagne, but was simply greeted by the pilot wishing us all a Happy New Year. I think I allowed my imagination to run a little too wild.

Well, the biggest joy was being on A380, upper deck as it was my first time taking the A380. Initially we were still contemplating whether to take the upper deck or lower deck. I slept through for 12 hours (never before) and woke up to catch two movies before touching down, one of which was The Great Gatsby. I skipped a total of two meals and had breakfast only. It was just way too comfortable!

Italy, Florence

The initial plan was to visit Rome instead of Florence. I mean everyone who goes to Italy for the first time would probably visit Rome as a first. However, considering that we would be spending the next 7 days in London City, we thought that it would be good to plan for a countryside visit and a different type of stay.

Greve in Chianti
Podere Campriano: Viale Rosa Libri 36/a, 50022.

Greve is situated in the country side and most of its accommodations are home stays in farmhouses. Our host & family deals with exportation of wine, olive oil as well as homemade salami.

We were first greeted by the huge vineyard and olive groves, and at the peak of this huge space nested our accommodation for the next three days.






We rented a cute Fiat 500e to drive from outlet to outlet and basically get around. Well, not the best decision.

Mental Note: Don’t drive a cute car like the Fiat 500e. It is too cute for countryside driving/winding roads. If I could pick again, a sedan would suffice. We picked up every curve on the road and that experience was bad.

Our loft; clean & comfortable. I spent most of my nights indoors at the upper deck, once sunsets, watching youtube videos as it was too cold for my liking outside :p



Breakfast was made daily by the lovely owner. We had a choice between sweet or salty breakfast everyday and our lovely host took time out of her busy schedule to chat with us during breakfast. The best part of traveling during winter is that we were the only guest in the entire farmhouse! We took walks late afternoon in the compound, and had the entire space to ourselves for breakfast 🙂



T-Bone Steak 

By the time we were in Florence, I was in serious need of a good steak or BBQ meat. I wasn’t too optimistic about finding one as it was after all winter and most shops would not be open for business (low season) and it was the countryside. Not many options as compared to being in a city. Elena, our host recommended us to visit a restaurant down the hill for dinner & so we did.

The servers brought out a raw piece of t-bone steak for our inspection before bringing back into the kitchen, very professional.



The stay at Florence was amazing especially when you are a city dweller. At times I yearn to have such a quiet & peaceful lifestyle too. But well, the grass is greener on the older side!

If I could visit again, I think I would have walked down to the vineyard for a stroll. Regardless, I’ve clocked another great stay in Europe!


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