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Travel: Packing for a Trip

The toughest part to traveling is definitely packing. It requires one to burn some brain cells as it is like uplifting myself to another location and I feel like I need every single item of my daily routine. I tried to skip bringing certain items along for trips once or twice as it was just a short 2D1N trip, but I felt rather uneasy at the end of the day. So even if i’m going for a short trip; I pack everything. It’s quite a chore, but I rather not skip this routine just to feel at home at that crucial moment.  I really have quite a bit of ‘barangs’.

To-pack list (Not) – Try Walking Around Instead

I don’t do a checklist. Rather I visualise what I require from the moment I wake up, prepare to go out, when I’m out and when I get back. As I visualise my daily routine, I’ll walk around the house to grab the items and put them in a common space.

We all have routines and as long as we follow that same daily route by physically walking through it, we can probably save time listing that disdainful ‘to-do list’ 🙂 The tricky part of this moment in life is that I live in two houses as I patiently await for mine to be ready. So instead I’ll list missing items from this house on my iphone and bring them along when I get back to the other house.

Things I Need on the Plane for Comfort

I have established a routine while on the plane. Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of plane rides, I just enjoy the process from check-in to pre-boarding. Singapore has a beautiful and comfortable airport and I think that it is one of the major perks of traveling. See, I don’t particularly like the plane smell, even more so when it is plane & coffee smell. That mixture is horrible and my ex-boyfriend (now husband), also feels the same way – how coincidental right!

The other thing about traveling on long plane flights is that my face, lips and feet feels very tight. On top of tightness I battle with coldness – I need to protect my shin as I have rheumatism (yes, I have that).

I usually pack along my sample size SK-II Stempower (as you can see the wordings are rather faded as I reuse the container), Crabtree & Evelyn Body Lotion, Laneige Water Bank Mineral Skin Mist, Nivea Lipbalm & a small empty bottle! Hydration, hydration, hydration! Very important.

I apply them every three waking hours onboard, and more often for my lips as it cracks easily. Not a pretty sight & definitely a rather painful experience.

On top of all these skin products, I too pack along my $1 black and red fleece pants, and pink and white fleece socks. I slip into them onboard for comfort 😉

As I require complete darkness to sleep and good neck support to avoid a bobbing head, I throw in my inflatable neck pillow (in silver) and eye mask. Putting on an eye mask is good as for some reason the flight attendants won’t wake me up for meals 🙂

When I arrived at location, I’ll pop into the ladies to change out of my fleece pants and put on sunblock, in this case I use a tinted shield SPF50 PA+++  Lancome. I’m scared of developing sun spots. Prevention is after all better than cure 😛

That pretty much sums up packing for my hand carry bag.

Daily Make-Up Essentials

Usually, I’ll skip the eye shadow for day make-up. But since it’s a 2-week trip, I thought better bring along two colour palette. The safest colours in my opinion are the blacks and pinks palette. One for day, one for night. I find it difficult to carry off blue eye shadow as the colour tends to oxidise and I’m left with blue-black stains.

Next in the make-up pouch, there is in it for coverage the Sephora CC cream and Benefit Flawless Oxygen. I cheat a little and only apply them at the eye zone, dap a little at the sides of my nose and a little at the sides of my lips for both products as my skin is quite thin; which shows the blue/black veins in those specific areas.

Then there is the Too Faced eye primer. Works like a dream for Singapore’s weather – reduces the crease lines on my eye lids after application of eye liner.

I’m also quite an eye-liner addict. I’m bringing along five eye liners. I actually have more than that sitting around. I’m bringing along three gel eye liners from Face Shop, one from L’oreal and one from some Japanese brand.

The gel liners produces a very deep black/blue colour. It also glides easily on application. The black and blue gives a different look and ivory colour is to line the bottom of the eyes to give an even larger illusion.

The brown liner from L’oreal creates a less glamorous but casual look. While the liquid liner gives me a perfect thin curve if required. These two brands doesn’t produce such a dramatic colour as the gel liners so it’s great for a more casual and clean look.

Daily Skin Care & Supplements

I blogged about the beauty of Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream, Laneige Water Bank Gel CreamSK-II Stempower and SK-II Cellumination Essence Ex (read the reviews here). Since they are my staples, I’m packing them along. Over and above those, I’m packing in my SPF 40++ Sunblock and Rice Water Facial Foam from Faceshop, Laneige eye cream and Time Free Essence, SK-II cleansing oil and Body Shop Body Butter.

The Body Butter is good for night use as I sleep with air-con, therefore I like the heavy texture over a waterly texture. But watery is good for day use as it dries up quickly.

For morning supplement staples I go with one Ginkgo pill a day for better memory and Royal Jelly for healthy skin. My mother started me on Ginkgo way back and when I was schooling I came across an article of the benefits and anti-aging properties of Royal Jelly and have been consuming them for over 12 years and counting now.

That makes the bulk of my packing! While I blog on sections of this article, I ran along to put them all in the luggage and so I’m pretty much done!

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