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Birthday Celebration: Sentosa Cove

The day before I flew, we celebrated two of our friend’s birthday. We were supposed to attend their celebration at night, but were also invited for a wedding dinner. Instead of dinner, we did breakfast together.

While the birthday couple was busy preparing our breakfast (how sweet), we helped to set-up the food entertainment area with paper crafts & a centerpiece. In view of the location & our birthday girl’s love for lilies, I thought it would be lovely to create a huge piece filled with lilies.

A quick transformation attire for dinner that night.
Anyways, going to be in London for the next two weeks, therefore I’ll probably load this space with more pictures. Not in the right frame of mind to be typing away as I’m still trying to adjust to the timezone. First day and it’s been a little challenging. London’s weather is lovely though…
Cheers and have a lovely week 🙂

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