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Travel: A Perfect Day in London

Stopover at Happy Hatty – On the way to Buckingham Palace

London is a very exciting city to be in. It has a rich arts scene, a good international crowd and fantastic weather even in summer. I get heaps of sunlight and cool winds making it perfect for long strolls in the park.

I do see similarities in terms of the DNA make-up of major cities around the world and to name a few, Singapore (:)), Hong Kong, Shanghai and Sydney. It is truly difficult to miss the city’s pulse in the air.

Living in a city, though exciting can also be really expensive when eating out, shopping and engaging in various activities. But I must say that I managed to spent a perfect day in London without all that frills.

Last weekend, after my trip to Stonehenge, Cosworth & Oxford was dreadfully cancelled last minute, we had to decide that to do with the day. I was all hyped up for some nature and sightseeing and was hell-bent on enjoying some of those activities.

My Mum got this candid shot. Standing on grass never felt better 🙂

It was a good day wasn’t it? 🙂
Spending the weekend in romantic Paris, and then back to Singapore – the taste of home. 

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