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Paris: Jardin du Palais Royal

The best thing about Paris, other than being the mother of all brands (ok, most), is it’s architecture & parks. I fell in love with Jardin du Palais Royal and it’s 17th-century architecture sometime in winter and made a commitment that I would be back again in spring or summer. I was curious on how this place will look with lush greenery, I suppose it was love at first sight even in winter. I guess I never expected to make the trip back so soon and it surely brings back memories…
That was in winter. I’m amazed at how perfectly shaped those trees were even in winter. Here in comparison, a beautiful flourishing view this summer:
I overheard some parisian saying that summer is gone too soon in Paris and that it’s quickly becoming autumn. I can’t help but agree 🙂
For the remaining of summer, I saw more than I did previously. I saw a flourishing fountain, many pigeons, a variety of flowers, blue skies and more people around.


I took the opportunity to slack by the fountain and enjoy some sun (it was supposed to be raining) before the rain came on. Instead of coffee, I had ice-cream. Last time round I don’t recall seeing much cafes or F&B outlets and this time around they are certainly mushrooming.


I walked into Cafe Kitsune as I was attracted to it’s clean design. I found out that this brand was from Toyko! I’ve never stepped foot to Toyko for some reason, but will do so someday 🙂 
So the lovely salesgirl told me that they have got the best ice-cream in Paris. I threw her a glance which basically conveyed – sure not, and proceeded to order ice-cream over my usual coffee.
I choose Vanilla and must say it is rather good, 2 scopes for $5 euros. Can you see those black bits on the ice cream – I’m certain those are vanilla pods crushed. Every mouthful I tasted vanilla pods – quite heavenly, right? Right.



It was a rather inspiring afternoon, surrounded with so much beauty. I can’t be more thankful to be there, truly. I’d strongly recommend going there if you are heading to Paris and remember your sandwiches & hat 😉

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