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The Proposal in 2011 – Vegas, Baby

It’s the season of weddings, engagements & proposals. My Facebook is flooded with beautiful smiles of couples who have said “I Do”. Sometimes I wished that I captured more images of the day as I struggle now to remember the smallest details.

I wished I took a photo of that particular room in Planet Hollywood Vegas so that if I do pay a visit to Vegas again, I could make a special request to visit that room.

So I’d say to couples who have just proposed and got proposed to to take more photos and document the day. That little time spent is well worth the effort.

Based on my memory, I got proposed to on the night of 25 December 2011. We were packing to go up to Yosemite and it was the last day of our stay in Vegas. We had a great dinner at a steakhouse with family who were visiting as well. I recalled he was frantically looking for a chapel after dinner but most of the chapels were closed as it was Christmas Day. Well, I thought he was crazy and thought it was all in the name of fun.

I was fooling around while he was sorting out some travel insurance matters.

This is the toilet where it all happened. See the sink closet to you? He placed the ring right above the tap. So while I was packing up in the hall, he signaled for me to go in. It took me a long while to discover the ring even though it was right in front of me. He said look down, no… up a little, left… no right and gave up. He held my head to the right place and I burst our laughing. The rest is history 🙂

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