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Updates: Month of September

We are already in the 4th week of September, gosh! This month flew by with the running around, settling stuff & getting into my new role as a sales girl (hehe).

Anyway, I got my hair permed (or termed as a permanent hair blow out?) at Blow+Bar, Raffles Place early in September. My relationship with permed hair is that of a love-hate feeling. My hair is naturally wavy and as it gets longer you probably can see the waves (not so neat ones). I think it looks quite messy and I’m quite envious of friends who have naturally straight hair without the baby fly-aways.

Straightening my hair is a solution but it doesn’t take long before the hair waves manifest itself. So though I prefer the straighter look, I thought since I can’t beat it I’ll join it! I’m still monitoring my waves as you know how hair gets yucky and dry after a month. So far so good, as I was just telling Shan!

I’m pleased as a puppy as we enter week 4 🙂

My everyday has fell into a routine. Shop > flowers > shop > flowers > admin > admin > procure > procure > churn out ideas > shop. Glad I got heaps of help though 😉

I love the feeling of gifting & weddings. You probably know of my love affair for beautiful paper, markers and craft related stuff. I have a cupboard of them – collectors items 😛

I put together this bouquet for a pre-wedding shot. I think such bouquets have such a personality! If I were to classify such bouquets, this is definitely the X Factor bouquet. A little messy, a little natural & it surely grows on you.

(Photo Credit: Jo)

And that was last Saturday. A late dinner after spending 20 mins at Apple Care, when my Macbook PRO of 3 years died on me? T brought it to Sim Lim to repair it in the end, that would be $350 thank you.

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