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Caring for Hydrangea

One of my favourite flowers is the Hydrangea. It is so fluffy, huge and totally reminds me of cotton candy! Receiving a pot of hydrangea can really brighten up a space in the house and I’m also certain that the receiver will be extremely delighted.

The name Hydrangea is derived from the greek word “hydra” which means water. Through it’s name you can probably guess that it requires heaps of water. It requires more water than any other flower and is extremely sensitive to the amount of water it receives. It doesn’t help that Singapore’s weather is this hot daily and therefore it requires quite an extensive amount of care and attention. They can usually last for up to 3 days, sometimes more. But if not taken care of properly can wilt in a day.

When I pack them up and send them away to customers, I always stress to the purchaser to inform the receiver to unwrap the bouquet and place them into water immediately. It is such a shame to see them dying in just one day. This is extremely possibly in Singapore as the flower is very thirsty. I’m not sure if my message is conveyed, but I do hope so as Hydrangeas are noticeably gaining it’s popularity.

If you are a receiver of Hydrangea, here are some quick steps to ensure your bloom survives a tad bit longer than it should.

1. Unwrap Your Bouquet

Please unwrap your bouquet. I cannot stress how much these blooms require their daily fresh water. The amount of water in the bouquet will not be enough to keep them alive for as long as you think it should. So, please unwrap your bouquet.

2. Soak the Hydrangea in Water

There are two ways to do this.

a. After unwrapping, cut the hydrangea stem diagonally and dip the entire hydrangea into cold water for a good 30 minutes as hydrangeas draw water from the petals and stems. For maintenance, continue to spray water onto its petals for about twice a day or when necessary.This action may require you to dismantle the entire bouquet as it maybe accompanied with other flowers and foliages.

b. After unwrapping, cut the hydrangea stem diagonally and place it into a vase. Use a spray bottle and give it a good spray around until it looks happily drenched. Looking at the weather, you may need to do so three times a day (at least).

When you touch the bloom it should feel firm and not soft like cotton candy.

3. Change the Water after 2 Days
A simple act of changing water from your vase every 2 days will ensure your flowers are happy.

Ending off with an After Dark Themed Party photo from last Friday with the use of Purple Hydrangeas. A collaboration between Sunday Morning Celebrations (floral designer) and the creative minds behind Get Baked who beautifully styled the entire event 🙂

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