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We had an exciting morning yesterday. It was the collection of our house keys! It felt strange to collect the keys, get our electricity account set-up and check for defeats. Suddenly, it feels like a whole load of responsibility.

I have been busy with, together with T at looking at some layouts, tiles – plenty of tiles and furniture. The selection is endless and sometimes it’s quite daunting making choices. Oh man, I’m the mistress of this house! Sometimes, there is some pressure to the tile. Being the mistress of the house means it should feel like a home and somewhat, I feel responsible for how it looks and feel to my husband and our guests. Ah, talking about pride and joy!

The questions in my mind are endless. I had to shortlist the tiles for T to choose from my shortlisted so that he doesn’t have to go through a million of other similar tiles & texture. Then, what colour should the sofa be? How about the floor tiles for the kitchen or bedroom. Will this look go well together? Wait, which were the exact tiles I had chosen for the kitchen?

Along with the house comes a to-do list. I’m so dead sure we are going to be really really busy next year 😉

We need to:

1) Settle the layout of the house by this Sunday
2) Bring T to select a lighter shade for kitchen tiles & select common bathroom tiles
3) Ensure renovation approval is submitted & approval for backyard windows
4) Do a final check for defeats this Sunday
5) Remember to call City Gas in January 2015
6) Remember to check with Town Council of SCC charges for Dec 2014
7) Remember to speak to Painter in Jan 2015
8) Look at furniture for the hall
– Sofa
– Dining Table
– Coffee Table
– TV Console
– Lights (JB?)
– Blinds

We have settled the kitchen appliances. So I’m sure we won’t starve when we move in. We need to get…
1) Kettle
2) Rice Cooker

KIV for the rooms first.

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