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Baby: Week 14 ++

12 weeks (Left) – 14 weeks going 15 weeks (Right)

I’ve been working on the website, so I think I’ll give myself a break during lunch to do something else instead of rectify the backend work 🙂

My tummy is growing daily and it still hasn’t hit me that I’m going to be a mummy in a couple of months. Sometimes before bed I catch myself trying to detect my little one’s (LO) movement. I try to poke my tummy gently or flip from left to right. I suppose when LO is bigger, I’ll feel some movement. Well though I still don’t feel a poke, I surely think it’s getting a little challenging to flip from the left to right – there is some form of mass inside when I shift as it’s heavier now.

I didn’t mention that the last visit during the OSCAR scan LO had it’s hands and legs in the air. I was worried that it wasn’t on the right side but LO was quite cooperative lying on its back. All it did was reposition it’s hands and legs many times – kicking both legs, putting both hands up, putting on it’s forehead, putting hands down on its side and back up again. I suppose I can spend my entire day looking at LO moving. So 3/4 through the scan LO decided to turn to face downwards with butt facing upwards. I had quite a big reaction because I thought we were still in the midst of measurements. Lucky we were done for the day, only to revist the gynae later in the afternoon. LO did the same stunts, hands up and down, legs up and down which made the gynae laugh out loud. It also did a little flip and our gynae exclaimed out quite joyfully, saying you are too active.

I suppose it means you are healthy 🙂

Oh the joys of feeling you grow within. My diet is no longer mine – you love all sorts of carbs, fizzy drinks, western food, extremely cold & spicy stuff as well as all sorts of fruits; especially expensive peaches (Australian Peaches – 2 for $4.95). Your vessel (me), isn’t that healthy to keep up with your choice of spicy food – it’s making me sick so we’ll stick to carbs and the occasional sambal.

I’m snacking on smaller meals because I can’t seem to stomach a proper meal. I heard it’s because you are seated on my tummy. Doctor gave me a little warning the last time round on my lack of weight gain, so it means I need 8 small meals. It’s also difficult to keep up with 8 small meals a day, I need to plan ahead and fill my bag with a lot of snacks.

As you grow, my back is starting to give way. I can’t bend down at ease and require support to get back up on foot. I suppose this is due to the lack of muscles at my thighs and back.

I’m also looking like a log – I can’t find my waist anymore. In terms of weight I’ve put on 1kg, but in terms of inches – a good 3 inch all round. Oh baby, that’s quite a bit!

This means I need a new wardrobe for my new found figure. I’m not sure if I will lose it all back at the end of pregnancy. I’m also not too confident of buying new clothes. I’m not quite sure how to purchase based on my current and growing measurements.

We can’t wait to see your face and I’m sure the sacrifices made now will be well worth it at the end of the day 🙂

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