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Baby: It’s a…

Above Left – 10/11/14 ; Right – 25/11/14
Above left – 18/12/2014 ; Right – 15/1/15

This week I found out that my little one is a baby boy 🙂

They say that a mother’s instinct is usually quite strong and I was certainly right about it’s gender. I suppose some tell tale signs (to me) was my food intake. I constantly WANT carbo and meat and nothing too sweet. My lips have gone from soft to extremely dry and pale, and my overall skin condition from arms to legs to tummy were flaking despite me slapping on tons of moisturizer. It felt like an overload of testosterone trying to overtake my body, and there was certainly some battle between both of us.

The only time I really throw up was when I overate. Before pregnancy, I eat small but frequent meals due to indigestion issues. Now, I feel that small but frequent meals leaves me feeling sick in the stomach. I need big and less frequent meals to keep sane through the day. I haven’t quite worked out how to sort things out between him and my needs. So sometimes I end up overeating unknowingly and throw food up.

Breakfast is my favourite meal because my appetite is super good! I love having a heavy breakfast – milk, a juice, a serving of fruits, light coffee, eggs and bread. Honestly, I don’t think it’s me 😉 Baby knows to eat like a king in the morning.

For lunch, I settle for bee hoon soup, wan ton mee or porridge, a serving of fruit and juice. OK – not too bad still eating like a queen.

And dinner, I have the worst appetite ever. Two servings of fruits and maybe some pasta.

At my 4th month, I am still plagued with a heighten sense of smell, which makes any scent or odor 100x worst than it should be. I’ve stopped spraying perfume because that makes me sick, changed my body moisturizer and stayed away from Japanese, Korean and Thai restaurants. I’m not as tired as in first trimester, but definitely not back to pregnancy energy mode.

Baby is growing longer, with a noticeable cute belly if you compare the bottom two photos. Soon I won’t be able to receive photos of your entire body in a single scan 😉

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