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Baby: A little lesson

This is at 16+ weeks. My weight hovers between 46 – 47 daily, depending on how well fed the tummy is. I’m supposed to hit 48kg in about 3 weeks time – don’t think this will be a challenge at all by the rate I gobble my food.

It’s getting a little challenging turning on bed and I can’t remember how it felt to turn quickly or make abrupt movements when getting up, and not giving any two hoots at all.

So…one day this week, sometime after my nap, I forgot that I was pregnant. I got up from the bed so quickly I believe my tummy and baby reacted badly to the swift movement. I felt the strain at the right side of my lower abdominal and I seriously got really really worried…

To cut the long story short, I now remember to be more careful when turning or getting up.

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