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Welcome, February!

The Lunar New Year falls on 19 February this year. It is just 4 days after Valentine’s Day, which means I need to put my great planning skills to work! 
There is a wedding on first week of February, V’day preparations on 2nd week and CNY on the 3rd week!

There is simply too much to do in February and personally I think the most important task is to buy MORE CLOTHES for CNY. 
I’ve not bought any new clothes since Sep/Oct’14 and I’ll be about 21 weeks come CNY. My clothes are just way too tight these days and I’m just not sure how big I should buy. Should I be purchasing based on my current size + a few inches or should I just jump to the next size? Hmm…
I need to search for more flowy dresses, shorts and pants with rubber waist bands! I thought I could just use dresses which used to be ‘big’ for me and simply rewear them. This dress above just gave me a backache, it’s too ill-fitted and tight.
I do look tired… #pregnancywoes

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