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OMG – The Selection

As the house comes close to completion (check out my Instagram photo on the right of this page), I’m suddenly faced with several complex questions and highly nerve-wrecking decisions to make regarding carpentry work.

My trusty contractor brought along 3 books of materials for our selection this time around. My husband flipped through the book and put them AWAY sneakily and QUIETLY for my selection first. I too also heard him say…what is this! why do they all look the same?

They are not the same, my dear…

I said that with much confidence but OMG, why do they look the same. I don’t really know how to explain to him that this looks different from that because it gives off a orange-overall hue (trying to sound pro). Or that those lines looked really fierce and that other piece of material looks boring. But seriously, OMG.

You know the thing about humans is that the larger the selection, the more complex it gets! And that is exactly how I felt at that very moment.

So right now, I have been sitting on a decision that really needs to be made. I guess…I’m just going to try to sit on it until an ultimatum is given – MAKE A DECISION OR NOT MOVE IN AT ALL 😛

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