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Falling ill, again (i think)

It’s always good to jot down things happening in life. Good to keep them as memories because if you asked me what happened two years ago, I probably have no recollection.

The photo above is LO’s upside down face. He looks a little angry, but that is probably the bone structure. I think he has my face shape 😛

It’s close to the Lunar New Year & I feel like I might have caught a bad throat. I’ve been insanely tired over the past few days and having body aches. These are all signs of about-to-fall-ill. Going to load up lemon water for the next few days. I’m so looking forward to the long semi-break over CNY 🙂

Baby has been very active lately and his little kicks do keep me from falling asleep, sometimes. They still feel quite adorable at 5 months but I think I won’t be saying that in about 2 months time. This year I don’t have much choices when it comes to clothes as I’m not really good at estimating my size. I mean there are measurements but where do I begin to measure my non-existent waist? Well, I tend to buy sizes that are too big and I really don’t have the time to send them for alteration.

Oh boy, it feels like a whole new ball game in the clothes department!

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