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Happy Goat/Sheep Year!

This year’s Lunar New Year break feels extremely long. All thanks to the connecting weekend, most of us would have only return to work TODAY 🙂 It’s really a little difficult to get the engine started…

Anyhow, T and I did a mandatory CNY Dim Sum photo together on the 2nd day. Every year, his family would head out for dim sum on the 2nd day. As I was about to post the latest 2015 photo, I also decided to dig up the old photos from 2011 – 2015. There’s nothing for 2010 as we just started then and I wasn’t at that stage to have dim sum with his family on the 2nd day – actually, I think I was still in Brisbane then, can’t remember.

This year is also different because I can’t colour my hair nor do any manicure/pedicure. I have white hair sprouting out but have to ‘tahan’ and cut them away instead. So since I can’t do anything to change my look, I went for a hair wash + blow which lasted an hour, before reunion dinner. Super shiok!

And also, for the very first time I helped out (minimally) with the decorations at my MIL’s place. This year we place a big sheep (everything good comes in a pair) and a small sheep (everything good comes in a pair) to reflect the number of sheep in the household. Needless to say who the new addition is 😉

On the first day we had fruits ‘yu sheng’, it’s the 2nd time we are having this but on a bigger scale to accommodate everyone.

I suppose these are more or less the highlights! Been busy feasting too!!! 😉 😉 🙂

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