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Pregnancy Weight Gain

You know the saying there are no ugly women, just lazy ones? There is much truth in this saying. I must add that other than not being lazy, one needs to be discipline and that takes soooo much effort.

I’ll be entering my 6th month of pregnancy next week and keeping the weight at a healthy range has been challenging. There are days when I overeat because i’m supposed to be eating for two – those days are when the weighing scale goes sky high.

It is not an obsession with the weight but I’m trying to do myself a favor. I lack muscles to support my new weight gain due to the lack of exercise. This is causing problems for my neck and back as the day go by. I may just start with some light workout but that probably won’t solve my problem. The best way to fight this issue is both diet + light workout.

Well, there are people who tell me not to be overly obsessed with my weight, that I should be happy about weight gain and cut myself some slack. Somehow, I feel that a healthy weight gain is still the way.

Eating for two shouldn’t be read literally and that what our body needs is just an additional cup of milk or serving of fruit. Well, those little log books that the clinic provide also serve as a reminder to not overeat. Eating more doesn’t mean that the baby is getting more, it will just be stored as fats in our bodies. Or worst, result in pregnancy diabetes or an overweight baby (!!!).

I must admit that it takes effort to pre-plan meals and snacks. I hope to stick to my routine and tame my palette at least for the remaining months ahead.

Fruit: Orange, pear, apple or strawberries
Main: Cereal with milk, bread + eggs or peanut butter bread
Beverage: 1/2 shot coffee with milk, a cup of milk
Vitamins: Pregnancy vitamins and at least 600ml of water before 12 noon

Beverage: Fruit juice & load up on water
Main: Carbo (bread/rice) with chicken/pork

Tea Time
Fruit: Orange, Pear, Apple or dried fruit
Beverage: 1/2 cup of milk
Treat: 2 pieces of almond nuts covered with milk chocolate

Main: Chicken Salad, steak/pork chop with vegetable or something soupy
Fruit: Pear
Treat: Occasionally zi char

Beverage: 1/2 cup milk (this usually puts me to sleep)

Somedays I get so hungry I snack on dried fruits, biscuits or down an entire cup of milk. Finishing 2L of milk each week is relatively easy. I love oranges and can snack on them twice a day too. But trying to get myself to down fish is entirely different story, unfortunately.

I should start on my exercise once I manage to consult my gynae. I must admit it gets a little depressing with the backaches and lack of flexibility. Boy, it’s a whole new world now…

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