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Packing Up & Shifting

Been missing in action over the past couple of days. Well, we are packing a suitcase of memories here at T’s parent’s place. We are shifting out and moving into our home next week 🙂

It’s been crazy with boxes all over the house, packing and throwing of things. I’ve been lugging around a big tummy and boy it’s not the easiest bending over.

We threw away many things and uncovered some of T’s older photos of his younger self. Whenever I see these pictures of him, I’ll tease him by saying he looked so nerdy & “ugly”.

Well, he would ask me to throw the photos away. I refuse.

I said I wanted to show it to our son.

He said…

Go ahead, show your son. He will ask you why you call him ugly.

I burst out laughing, if you get it.

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