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My Struggle With Nail Polish

The thing about barriers is that it encourages creativity. I’ve stayed off nail polish for a really long time, in my opinion. I will probably be off limits to nail polish in a really long time to come.

Initially I thought…no big deal you know?

Then Christmas came, followed by Chinese New Year. I look at my really bare fingers and the really nice manicures that others had done. Oh, I suddenly thought it was really a BIG DEAL.

So, I went online to check out what pregnant ladies did when they were, well, pregnant and really wanted to beautify their fingers.

Articles after articles state that pregnant ladies should look out for the 3 ‘FREE OF’ product in a nail polish:

1) Free of formaldehyde
2) Free of toluene
3) Free of dibutyl phthalate

Some of the brands I came across were Covet London, Sally Hansen, etc. I was thrilled initially and quickly searched where I could get my hands on the polish. Then this guilt ran through me…

What are the base and top coat? Are they safe?
What are the nail polish remover?
Do I really want to spend on an entire toxic safe nail kit?
Is is worth risking my baby’s safety?

I think the last question hit me hard. Though there were online sources that said that a little won’t harm the growing baby, but I can’t possibly risk it right?

So…I dropped the idea. And I’m glad I did, let me tell you why.

On my off day one day, I had lunch with some friends. We visited haji lane and settled at a cafe for cakes. There I saw the nail polish (Covet London) and I got excited!

I thought…wow, how coincidental! I open the nail polish and caught a whiff of the toxic smelling polish.

How can something that smells like the regular OPI be that safe? I suppose the smell of it just puts me off even if it is supposed to be FREE OF.

And this is the story of how I stumbled across nail stickers. I had one concern friend who felt that nail stickers are equally bad due to the sticker itself. Well, at least I don’t smell the chemicals. I suppose that is fine.

Btw, I went crazy with the nail stickers and here is The Mr. Moustache nail design. Not that perfect but I’m sure it will get better 🙂

I’ve officially hung up my shoes for regular polish, for now.

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