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Pregnancy Skin Survival Kit

Dry skin. That is what I am plague with.

The pros of it is no oily scalp for me! The cons of it is dry and flaky skin on the face, legs, lips and arms. I wonder how many pregnant ladies encounter dry skin during pregnancy? I read that it is due to loss of bodily fluids that travel to the baby.

The other thing I noticed is that the skin and hair doesn’t absorb moisturisers well in general.  And for this very reason, it is necessary to be diligently in one’s skincare routine.

Other than downing at least 2 litres of water a day, I continue and add on to my daily skin routine covering all of the above items. I have…

1) My Beauty Diary Facemask from Watsons
2) Hand Lotion from Marks & Spencer
3) Facial Treatment Essence
4) Elancyl Stretch Mark Cream
5) Faceshop Sunblock Matifiant
6) SK-II Stempower Moisturiser
7) L’oreal Youth Code
8) Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream
9) Laneige Water Sleeping Pack
10) Bio-oil

I’m extremely sensitive to the scent from moisturisers these days so most of the items I use have very little fragrance except my hand lotion. For some reason I can take it’s smell.

From time to time, I feel nausea when I use item 4 and 10 but there isn’t much of a choice but to plough on. I ask myself stretch mark or endure – my choice.

I used to slap on Body Shop’s Body Butter freely on my legs, arms and stomach but due to its strong fragrance I have to give it up and find alternatives.

The Eleancyl, readily available from Watsons, has a rather interesting smell. It doesn’t smell floral nor sweet. I don’t really know how to describe the scent, but it is not one of my favourite smell at least for the past 6 months. This goes on to my tummy and thighs. It’s supposed to prevent stretch marks – so far so good.

My Bio-oil. A gift from a good friend 🙂 Not my favourite fragrance but it does the job of preventing stretch marks and flaking! I use them all over – tummy, legs and arms. Yes – I use both Eleancyl & Bio-oil on my tummy and thighs. KIASU. I have a glowing tummy every night.

Currently at 25 weeks. I won’t have any results to show or declare until week 39. So far, so good.

Other than changing my body moisturiser, I made a change to my face serum. I started using the L’oreal Youth Code, Prodigious Luminzing Essence. 
The only reason why I picked it up from Watsons is due to its close resemblance to the SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence packaging – I love this product! I suppose if that was L’oreal’s intention, they sure nailed it. 
I’m halfway through this bottle and I absolutely love it too!
It has a similar light texture to the SK-II Cellumination, which absorbs easily on the face. It also has the same pearl-finsh liquid as SK-II. I believe such products help to reflect light off your face, which gives one a made-believe glow on the face 🙂

I suppose a good mix of healthy diet and some form of external aid is the route to feel good and look good.

Once in a while, our bodies go through changes. Along with these changes there is also a need to shake up our routine 🙂

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