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As I start making my way into the third trimester, I too start receiving boxes of hand-me-down. If you google what hand-me-down is defined as, it states that they are discarded by another and of inferior quality.

Eh, how negative?

Well, the idea in our household or maybe in the Chinese belief is that hand-me-down is a good act and kind gesture as it helps the child grow faster, fatter and bigger 🙂 Of course, it helps save moo-lahs too!

There are certain occasions or milestones where a kid can’t wear hand-me-down and they are:

1) When he leaves the hospital back for home
2) His first month celebration
3) His first birthday (New shoes and clothes)

Other than that it is all fine.

As I look into Z’s very well equipped wardrobe (pls, the shoes are new ok?) and many other boxes still sitting in my mother-in-law’s place (at least 3 huge boxes), I start to draw similarities between him and T.

Like father like son, T has a very well equipped wardrobe.

The problem with my younger one is that he probably can’t use the same detergent as us?

There are a few brands around though – Tollyjoy, Kodomo, Pigeon. These brands are all really unfamiliar and I guess this is what being thrown into motherhood is about. You learn names of new brands, the things that children use these days and start leaning what’s the Chanel for children’s brand.

I hope to do as much reading before Z comes along.

I’m starting to feel his very elaborated moves in my belly, and I can actually tell when he has hiccups or when he is sleeping.

The growing pressure on my pelvis can be described in three words.


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