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Last Trimester Struggles

A family member recently commented that I was spotting a very hearty laughter ever since I was pregnant.

Thinking back on this comment, I must admit  I had several inhibited burst of laugher that could go on and on. It is the type of laughter that comes straight from the stomach – loud, thunderous and definitely inhibited.

On other occasions, I find myself feeling negative and gloomy.

I suppose this is what we term as mood swings.

There are just some mini challenges in my daily routine that I face daily reminding me of my physical changes. It gets frustrating to be able to do these task at ease and for some reason it bothers me so much.

I can’t wear strappy flats, bend over to pick up something or apply moisturiser on my feet and toes at night because I can’t reach for my toes anymore.

I run out of breath quickly these days after walking a fairly short distance.

The body aches are coming on strongly and I can’t seem to get enough sleep.

I’m starting to develop battle scars – purple stretch marks.

I’m starting to worry about what I’ve not done – sterilise the milk bottles, breast pumps, pick up bedsheets and newborn pampers. Does he have enough newborn clothes (1-3 months) because all I’m seeing are 6 months and above clothes.

Oh and recently while packing my hospital bag, I was folding his romper and was just feeling around the cloth. It felt stiff and hard and I was just thinking to myself, will it be too rough for a newborn’s skin?

Then I look at the romper and wonder if it will be too small for him.

These are the weird and evil thoughts that go through my mind.

I suppose such anxiety and physical challenges can affect the emotional state of mind from time to time – it just comes and goes…

Down to the last 8 weeks 🙂

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