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Baby Stories: 32 Weeks

I have a non-existent social life these days.

I’m constantly holed up at home wanting to be near the toilet or bed just in case fatigue or a bursting bladder beckons.

I can’t be out more than 2 hours (at most) and must be home by evening because I can’t take the physical weight.

I feel breathless, tired and frequently feel heart palpitations. It feels weird to have heart palpitations, it’s like the heart is about to fly out of my chest!

In addition to feeling physically tired, I struggle weekly with consuming my fish soup. The dosage has increased to twice a week and it’s a constantly battle between me and T, who makes it his job to ensure that I finish the soup.

Being at home also means I window shop online – oh those pretty clothes that I can’t wear. It’s killing me softly…

I’ve already created a to-do list for come August 2015 and looking forward to resume travel plans Jan 2016.

While I’m counting down to me being more active, I’m also enjoy the daily kicks and wriggles in my tummy. I’ve never been this close to another person…

How did something so tiny take up so much space in merely 32 weeks – amazing isn’t it 😉

32 weeks weight: 53.5kg
Baby’s weight: 2kg
Countdown: 7 more weeks

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