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Fresh Skincare + Floral Workshop

I caught the sniffles again probably due to too much excitement over the weekend. Having said so, one should rejoice in good company and being invited to a floral workshop by the good friend 🙂

We arrived pretty early for the workshop as we were keen to checkout the Fresh outlet. The kind staff spotted my bump, and offered me a comfortable seat with rose tea.

I was sipping on tea enjoying the view of an afternoon crowd, when a gentle voice told us that the workshop was commencing soon. We were ushered to a corner of the shop with two rolls of tables. It was quite a feat to hold a floral workshop in a retail shop with two small rolls of table for about 8 people.

As we were waiting, the facilitators started bringing out cupcakes and mocktails – my biggest weakness for the past few weeks! It was difficult to resist a good old cupcake, but I still did. Lucky I had a baker with me who told me it’s best to stay away from it.

It was quite an educational workshop which covered the introduction of Fresh products and history as well as the basics of creating a spiral bouquet. In all honesty, I didn’t know of the existence of this skincare brand previously. But it’s quite apt to hold a floral workshop as most of their skincare had flowers as it’s main ingredient.

Our gift baby blue gift box with heaps of decent size samples 🙂 Always happy to try a new skincare product range. Dry skin is the bane of my life!

Out of all the items I must say that Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment won my heart.

I apply lip balm very frequently due to dry chapped skin, and usually choose not to use lipstick unless necessary. I really like applying lipstick as I feel that it gives one a healthier look. Well, at least this is a combination of balm + lip tint!

Thanks for the invite, gf! 🙂

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