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Baby Stories: 34 Weeks 4 days

Weight: 54.5
Gained: 10.5kg
Little One’s Weight: 2.5kg

Officially at my heaviest. The skin around my tummy is yelling out loud for help as it continues to stretch and grow.

Most of these days I waddle around and try to catch some breath. Breathing gets harder and sleeping on the wrong side just leaves me gasping for air.

Last night I slept on my right side because of the backache on the left side. Somehow I woke up wondering if I’ve squashed the LO. He doesn’t quite like it when I turn to the right side and I know this because he will kick me relentlessly.

For some reason, I had a long period of peaceful sleep on my right side last night.

As I turn back to the left side, I felt a surge of blood rushing through my body.

I woke up and started to nudge my tummy just to get some assurance that he was still well inside. I probably annoyed him enough for him to show me some reaction 🙂

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