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Highlight of the Week: Easywalker Mini Buggy is Here!

The past few days were a little struggle for me physically. I had flower orders to rush, craft projects to create for events, a shop to attend to and customers to reply to.

Physically, it’s been draining and this usually affects me mentally as well. When possible, I try to retreat into my room for a rest or two – it usually does the trick to help me refresh for the next few hours.

I’m experiencing a new physical change which is a little numbness in my limbs and hip bone pain. I read from babycenter.com that as we approach the final lap of pregnancy, the body starts to prepare for childbirth as some flexibility in those areas are needed 😉

The pain usually peaks from evening onwards and then you’ll see me struggling to walk.

I’ve had two leg cramps so far, which left me yelling for my husband. He usually jumps up quickly from bed to help me soothe the pain.

Just last week, I exhibited a super demanding request (in my terms). I had a screaming baby in my stomach at close to 1am – my unborn baby was literally keeping me awake from his kicks and from body language, I felt that he wanted something. Well, my stomach was rumbling and from the movements, they didn’t feel graceful AT ALL.

So, I woke his daddy up and demanded he went to buy food IMMEDIATELY.  I suppose this was the worst ever hunger demand I will be experience this entire journey. It’s strange how this is happening as we approach the end of pregnancy.

Back to the highlight of my week, our Easywalker Mini Buggy Stroller is here! We made an order sometime when I was in my 4th month and had them deliver this week.

The most important reason for this purchase was that this stroller is lightweight, weighing about 6.5kg, and safe enough for a newborn. It’s also not bulky, which is good for a hatch back car.

T felt that since the baby will probably be with me most of it’s infant years, we better get something that I can manage – push, fold and carry.

This is the added-on version with the baby car seat. 
There were a wide range of colours like baby blue, bright orange, red and cream white which were really attractive. I thought he would choose one of those colours, but he was quite fixated on this blue one 🙂

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