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7 Lessons Learned After Close to One Year in Business

To sum things up, it’s been crazy. Here are the 7 lessons learned after close to a year in business (really, one year is nothing. feels like the engine isn’t going yet).


1. Grow Slowly. Honestly, it is very easy to have tons of ideas. Oh! We could do this and that and what about looking into this other area. Sometimes, it’s easy to overestimate resources – time, human resource and finance.

If only we have infinite resources on hand. I suppose at the end of the day you decide on the type of success you want for a product or service. Do you want to be up there or mediocre and get by with the day?

2. The feeling of Fear is Real. So real. We just don’t know what tomorrow and the day after tomorrow brings. One just needs to adopt the “Que Sera Sera” song in moving through the day.

3. Good Time Management. Being self employed means no bosses or co-worker to chase you for work. Once in awhile you appreciate these chases because as life goes by, things just fall off the radar. Having good time management means planning the jobs before hand, which does lead to more efficiency. Where possible, outsource outsource outsource 😉

4. You will be held at ransom by vendors. Yes, this is very true. I still find it unbelievable that most don’t work with a deadline in mind, or perhaps conveniently miss a text message or an email. How then can we keep things moving?

5. Focus. Easy to say, difficult to do. When there is a million and one things to do, I find my thoughts and actions rather disconnected. I will be doing a crafty project but find my thoughts set on purchasing items. This disconnection gets frustrating. It is a constant reminder to be in the moment!

6. You will meet lowballers. No matter how low you priced your item, they will still ask “can cheaper?” Sometimes I just raise an eyebrow. Strange how they don’t ask for discounts at a shopping mall?

7. Take a Break. Most of the time I run through the day doing a myriad of things – I craft, I make a run to the flower market, I design my posters, I do a photoshoot & edit my pictures, I do the finance and admin, I speak to customers, I become a retail assistant, I blog on Sunday Morning Celebrations’s website, I research, I manage the website, I make lunch and dinner in-between and I’m growing a baby. Anyway, there is more and I should add etc etc.

They do require different skill sets and it gets a little crazy switching from say a finance task to a crafting task.

Taking a break for lunch and dinner is often a good decision to make.

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