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The Top 5 Things I Googled A Million Times Over The Past Month

1. Why won’t my baby nap in the afternoon

I probably googled this a million times. Babies are suppose to nap in the afternoon but mine just won’t! Such a challenge to put him to sleep even though he is obviously tired.

2. How do I make my baby nap longer
This leads to the 2nd thing that I google about. I successfully put him down to sleep but why does he wake up within 15 minutes! 
3. Why does my baby wake up the moment I put him down
Oh tougher days, he wakes up and stare at me THE MOMENT I put him down. All the hardwork…
4. Why does my baby fuss in the afternoon and evening

He spots an excellent mood in the morning but when it comes to 12 noon – 7pm he becomes someone else. 
5. Is my baby eating enough

And totally unrelated. When he fusses, he nurses so much. I wonder if he ate enough. He can nurse for hours and hours. 

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