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Going to jot this down before I forget the small details of his birth. So here goes my story…
37th Week – 40th Week
During our first few visits, the doctor told us that Z’s estimated date of birth (EDD) is 6 July 2015 (40 weeks). Through my pregnancy, I had many well-meaning strangers who commented I was going to pop earlier than my EDD. They said it is because I spot a very low-lying stomach and it is my first pregnancy.
I took in their comments with a pinch of salt, but I too hope it was earlier than his EDD because I had a bad first trimester and a really horrifying 3rd trimester. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I could hardly walk and had a drop in iron count – I was constantly tired and spent most of it sitting around.
At 37 weeks I told myself it could be today. And the subsequent everyday I told myself the same thing over and over again.
At 39 weeks I’m like OMGosh, is it today? Please make it today. Z is a really rough baby, his squirms, kicks and stretches are distinct and filled with so much grit. Each punch hurts. During his active moments I felt as if he could burst my tummy anytime; all the time.
Then came 39 weeks, still nothing much. I told Z to wait a little while because it was a busy + stressful week for me and am glad he waited.
6 July 2015 – 10am
Once I was done coordinating the last order on Monday morning (in bed), my waterbag started leaking.
There were trickles of water flowing down my legs. It was stained a little pink and I could not control it. I quickly made my way to the toilet just to check out what’s going on.
As I stood up to walk to the toilet more water trickled down. Honestly, I was a little lost as I didn’t want to go staining the entire room and toilet. I even took a picture of the mess (nope, not posting the image) just in case the nurses asked me to describe how it looked like (haha!).
At this point there were no contractions. I called T up and What’s App my sister-in-law. Very soon, his family members all got wind of my situation at home. My sister-in-law started coordinating their duties, while T attempted to rush back from work.
While I was waddling around at home to grab my bag and change out of my PJs, I heard this frantic knocking on my main door followed with yells desperately asking me to open the door.
Oh what a struggle to the main door with the weight and leaking water – eeks!
When I managed to open the door, T’s aunt started asking how I felt. She said that I needed to go to the hospital immediately and asked me a whole list of questions. I noted the urgency in tone and the bullet speed conversations and felt the pressure to answer the well-meaning questions.
So apparently my FIL was activated as everyone wasn’t in favour to wait for T to arrive home. They wanted me to go into the hospital IMMEDIATELY.
I got into the car, laid a piece of cloth on the car seat and all of a sudden I hear this other car honking x 20 times from the entrance of my car park. LOL. My FIL arrived and so did T (who came from the MRT station).
Arriving At The Hospital: 11am – 2pm
I arrived at the hospital in one piece.
While in the car, I was wondering if that discomfort I experienced were contractions. It came and went at a good interval of about 10 minutes, but it was still bearable for me to hold a decent conversation.
On arriving at the hospital, the nurses got me quickly hooked up to monitor baby’s heartbeat and did a couple of checks while I laid there to watch TV. The first few questions they asked were – how are you feeling?
I replied…GOOD! And that’s where they told me I just had a wave of contraction and it has been going on for an interval of 7 minutes. Ok, well…I couldn’t feel it as yet.
Shortly a more senior nurse came to checked on me, I was given the go ahead sign to clear my bowels. I took some medication and within 1-minute was good to go.
My gynae came to check on me at about 12noon. At that moment I wasn’t on any laughing gas or pain relief. She did a check on me and then…she proceeded to burst my water bag.
Sounds ok right?
I tell you this gut-wrenching pain was the WORST feeling ever. I yelled so loudly you would think I was already in labour.
By 1:30pm I wasn’t so garang anymore. The pain was at a good pain level of 7 (in my opinion). Hell, contraction pains are really PAINFUL. I asked for epidural – anyway I asked for epidural when I arrived at the hospital so at least I delayed a few hours.
You know what was really painful? It wasn’t the administering of epidural but it was the drip.
They inserted a needle/plastic-like thing into the top of my right hand. THAT WAS SO PAINFUL and I was told it is just plastic.
After inserting the drip, my rather pro doctor administered the epidural to my spine while yakking and yakking away. It was good distraction. She told me what I was going to feel and experience along the way to buffer me from shocks.
The administering of epidural wasn’t as bad. There was this numb-cold sensation and the “pain” was a fraction as compared to the insertion of the drip.
What the hell right?
Just Waiting Around: 2pm – 5pm
This block of time passed really slowly. There was no pain and no action. I caught up with TV shows, chat and waited for time to pass. Nurses checked on my dilation every now and then.
1cm, 2cm – our goal was 10cm.
Around 4pm, the machine that was used to monitor baby’s heartbeat started beeping. I didn’t like what I hear because the beeping sounded urgent.
Baby’s heartbeat started dropping. I was given pure oxygen to inhale for a good 30 minutes before they transferred me to the labour ward.
Pre Labour: 5pm – 9:30pm 
All was well but I was told to continue inhaling pure oxygen.
The labour ward was impressive. It was well equipped with good lighting, a sofa, a flat screen TV and it was so so spacious.
Dinner was served inside the labour ward (sandwich only), which came along with constant reminders to eat slowly in case I suffered from the side effects of the epidural. T went out to da pao Tze Char (for himself), which I got to eat too!
By 7pm my dilation was only at 3cm and the epidural was wearing off. I felt intense pain on the left side of my body. This pain came in waves every minute. It felt strange to feel pain only on the left side while the right side (lower body) was numb. So I requested to increase the dosage of epidural.
Hohoho this is when the “fun” starts.
Not too long after increasing the dosage of epidural/pain relief, my body started shaking and I vomited. Guess those were the side effects of epidural, which I did not experience first time around.
The contraction pain subsided very quickly, but I was left battling with the side effects of the epidural – shivers, a shaking body and a very nauseated me.
It didn’t help also because when the nurse checked on me, I was still at 3cm. They told me at 6pm that it was going to be a long day (oh, boy…)
Luckily I could watch TV as a foam of distraction as I drifted in and out of this discomfort, and reality.
Labour: 9:30pm – 10pm
By 9:30pm, T asked the nurse to check up on me again, which they did so. As I was enjoying my TV show (it was the last episode), the nurses did a check and said in a matter-of-fact manner – Ok, let’s start push – you are at 10cm.
Eh, I thought I was expecting a really long night ahead. 
According to the nurses, there was another lady in labour just next door but I was told mine would be faster as they could already see baby’s head.
We did a few reps ( hold your breath for 10 seconds and push x 3 times = 1 rep) of practice pushing. It felt like I was in the gym, with personal trainers pushing me to complete my reps. I was quite breathless during practice. While I took breaks in-between, I continued watching my TV show.
Thing is it didn’t hurt at all, I wasn’t sure where to focus my energy on because the epidural was too strong.
Shortly, my gyane came in to check on me and within 10 minutes I felt a surge of energy coming out followed by really agitated cries which went on continuously.
All in all, my labour went very smoothly 🙂

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