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Missing My Baby’s Milestone

This has been on my mind for the past few weeks: “Child First” or “Business First”. I must admit that these couple of weeks I’ve tipped the scale to “Business First” and missed a milestone in Z’s life.
Well, it certainly felt awful…
I knew he was going to flip soon as I’ve witnessed him practicing and making attempts to flip over time and again.
The night before and that particular morning he made an attempt to do so and as usual I helped him a little but giving him a soft push over. This always makes him giggle, and in return makes me really happy and warm at heart.
On Monday we send him over to his grandma’s place for a full day while we both go off to work, I was certainly feeling separation anxiety.
By about 5pm I arrived back at my MIL’s place. Z was carried by our helper and as she placed him down on the bed, he did a quick flip over – yup, no help at all. I was pleasantly surprised and of course basking in his little achievement, which followed by lots of kisses on his chubby cheeks.
I looked over to our helper and saw a slight smile on her face (she loves him too), and I wondered why she wasn’t surprised. Then it occurred to me that she had probably witnessed this already.
So, I asked her when did Z flip and she replied – this afternoon. And i wasn’t around…
Yup, so I did miss that moment and it bothers me a whole yard and more.

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