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Manic Monday

Somedays I feel like raising the white flag. While other days, I feel supercharged to make things happen.

Its been quite a manic Monday while working-from-home, washing baby’s laundry, answering calls, WhatsApp queries, SMS, emails, the door (postman), pumping and doing up a backdrop for this Saturday’s wedding all in a span of 3 hours.
In between I have to remind myself to eat properly, add on the vitamins and water, and lactation milk to ensure I produce good quality milk (like a cow) all before 12 noon.
Then there are the dishes, packing, and a whole truckload of other duties before rushing off to my MIL’s place to see Z.
I make use of the time Z sleeps to run house, business and baby’s errands from 3:30pm till 6pm before getting back to MIL’s place to greet Z before he wakes up.
I actually spent a good 30 minutes de-boxing the air purifier and wondering how to make it work. By 6:30pm, another pumping session because Z is still not up!
My last bit of the day ended with showering Z, having dinner, bringing him home and finally putting him to bed.
I’m happy doing these chores and consider myself lucky to have this flexibility to care for Z – it’s no wonder I knock out by the time Z falls asleep by 9:30pm and work around the clock to fulfill my duties at 12am, 3am and 6am plus his in between feeds. And the day repeats itself again.

Having said so, I’m so looking forward to my mini break end October 🙂

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