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Losing Pregnancy Weight – Stay in Shape!

I used to worry about bulking up after pregnancy as I’ve heard from most mothers that your hips will expand, and you will grow one size up! To be honest, I was totally prepared (mentally) for all the physical changes that I made it a point to pack all my beautiful clothes away. While I was packing, I did a mental run down who I can give these clothes too as they were pretty new.
My boy is about 6 months now and I’ve completely lost my pregnancy weight, and even more. Actually, I lost all my weight when my boy was 3 months old with absolutely no dieting and no gym workout! This occurred by accident and here are some of my tips; they work like magic!
Eat Healthy; Load Up The Good Food
This is the most important point to note. Eat healthy!  I’m not even talking about only having salads because I found this worked. I had rice, fish, soup and vegetables almost every meal. The fish can be steamed or fried, it doesn’t matter. I did not cut back on rice, and of course did not have more than what I normally have.
Occasionally, I have a change of menu which included pork or chicken to replace the fish. From there I lost a good 3kg just from eating well.
Just to bring you back a little – I gained a total of 12kg throughout pregnancy. My son came out 3.45kg and when I checked out from the hospital I was about 50kg. Ok, so it means I had another 6kg to go before coming back to my original weight.
Did I snack? Honestly – NO.
Did I feel deprived? – NO.
If you need to sugar load, I suggest adding 3 servings of fruits – 1 apple, 1 orange and 1 kiwi. Have that and then decide if you really want that chocolate bar – it works wonders!
Breastfeed After The Clock
I am a breastfeeding mother, and I breastfeed around the clock.
I feed and nurse on demand for the first 3 months.
This means baby hungry, baby eats. Even if it meant I just fed him 15 minutes ago.
Let me tell you this, when he was going through growth spurt, I spent the entire day in bed just feeding.
Drink Up!
I take 4 litres of water or red date drink every day.
On top of that I drink fish and papaya soup daily for a good 3 months – that is as good as another 2 litres.
This helps to keep me fill and ensure I have quality and a high supply of milk.
Carry Your Baby/Walk Around with Baby
Since I was breastfeeding on demand, I will usually carry baby around the house. This is a cheat-sheet to burning fats as it gets quite exhausting, no joke! Sometimes I do light chores (no mopping etc) just simple packing and carry baby around. In our weather, you are bound to perspire.
We are all busy people, and it’s good to have slide in small exercises as we do our daily chores.
In summary, Eat Healthy, Breastfeed on Demand, Drink Up and Carry your Baby.
This equation is really simple right?
I’m below 44kg now as I’ve pretty much stick to the same structure, but I’m nursing about 5 minutes more on each side, therefore it is easier to shed off the weight. But don’t stress yourself over it because for me, this occurred naturally.


We eat healthy to ensure good milk quality, and that is what matters. Throw in a coconut oil or primrose oil if it helps to thicken your breastmilk!

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