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When A Child Falls Sick

It’s been tiring on us these few days with Z falling ill. This time is not the usual after vaccination fever, but a viral infection he caught somewhere, somehow. 

It started when he refused to sleep some nights ago, but my little gentleman does this every once in a while. 

He would lay awake from 12am, or an unearthly hour and just stay in position while staring at the ceiling, or at me, or whatever that caught his interest in the dark. 

He has been able to differ irate night and day since birth, and doesn’t give me much problems at night except for the usual feeds. 

So, I thought it was just one of those nights where he can’t get any sleep and decide to stare at his surroundings without making a sound. 

Around 3am, I peeled open my eyes to see if he fell back asleep, but was greeted with a wide awake baby, who is a little whiny. We decided it was best he laid on daddy’s chest as he is about 8.2kg, I can’t take that load on me for an extended period of time now.

 He fell asleep so  after finding his sweet spot. 

My baby does this every once in awhile, the midnight-quiet-stares, that is to me, quite harmless since he knows the rest of us are asleep, and that he should not make any noise. 

How sweet.

But in the morning, I notice mucus running down his little button nose. And again, and again. Then it occurred to me that he must be unwell last night and couldn’t sleep because of a stuffy nose.

We went to the doctor, got meds and started his dosage. I like that the doctor was quite gentle with him. 

The next day, Z started to lose his voice. I suppose I can’t do much other then to help him get through the nights. So, T and I take turns to sleep at a 45 degree angle, to help Z ease his discomfort. I realised it helps with the bad nose and have been doing does for the past 3 nights now. 

Just last night, Z decided that he wanted mummy and mummy alone. So I’ve been the 45 degree sleeper.

I have also caught on the flu bug and it’s giving me such a bad headache. I’m feeling physically tired but I can’t seem to get any shut-eye sleep because my mind is way too active. I keep thinking of how I can improve SMC’s website in terms of experience and design. 

I hope the lemon water my helper made could give me the added superhero powers I need to get through the next few days as we celebrate the Lunar New Year! 

I am a little exhausted and am looking forward to a comfortable rest at night once Z recovers. 

For the next few days, it’s going to be on-demand latching and 45 degrees night. 

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