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Chinese New Year 2016

Gong Xi Fa Cai! How was your Chinese New Year celebrations this year?

I hope it went well as planned because mine was filled with midnight medicine feeds, a grumpy little baby and two flu-invested adults (me and T).

It all started about 6 days before CNY when Z caught a flu, cough and a slight fever. I quickly whizzed him off to the doctor to get him treated to ensure his first CNY celebrations will be a good one – flu-free; illness-free.

I got worried as he started to lose his voice just 4 days before CNY, and I really did not want to fill him up with more medicine.

As I wondered what I could do, it suddenly strike me that I should just latch him on demand. Well, these are supposed to be the benefits of breastfeeding – antibodies and more. I spent the next 2 days nursing him round the clock, and he recovered just in time to enjoy CNY celebrations. Mini victory!

While he was recovering, the nasty flu bug found its new host (me).

This can’t be it. I don’t remember coming down with a flu, fever or cough during major festive periods.

See, I really dislike taking medicines because I’m still breastfeeding, and I always wonder how much of these meds actually go into the milk – in terms of percentage.

Today is day 3 of CNY and I’m still nursing my flu, and I’ve succumbed to the use of antibiotics yesterday.

Above is a picture of us this year, after many, many, many tries to get my grumpy baby to smile!

As I age I’ve noted the importance of taking photos, leaving remarks on these photos and putting them down because life does whizz past in a minute. Those baby hands and feet, they really do not stay forever.

Look, just last year he was in my tummy…

And this year, he is here in my arms – absolute bliss! *throws hearts and kisses to the sky* 🙂 🙂 🙂

Here’s to more pineapple tarts, ba kwa and unhealthy CNY snacks. I really don’t care much about the calorie count because it is once a year!!!

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