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To Sum Up February

One Word To Sum Up February: Sick

Gosh, it’s March!

I’ve been sick most of February, and now extending into March. Went to the doctor again in the evening after completing a course of antibiotics, and Telfast because I was developing a nasty cough, and my flu is super persistent.

I feel drugged all the time. The last time I had such a bad nagging cough was in my first trimester. Yesterday, they gave me cough mixture that required me to take 4 times a day? I thought usually it’s 3 times a day? It’s the first time I see 4 times a day.

Doctor asked if I’ve been sleeping, and resting well. This is the kind of sentence they ask all the time, and I wonder why.

Whoever gets enough sleep living in Singapore  a city, really?!

Of course, I said the opposite. Yes, pretty well rested. 

Doctor said no sweet drinks/food, no fried food, and no cold food. If I must take fruits, I need to wash it down with warm water. I’m barely surviving. 

It’s ok if it is a one-off episode of bad throat, cough, flu, and fever. But I’ve been abstaining from the above mentioned food for one month, it’s quite a torture.

With this episode, I’m making it a point to take more Vitamin C, Multivitamin, Iron and Zinc daily. And to take my flu jab once I’m healthy.

Group 0 (Infant) To Group 0+/1 (Infant to Toddler) Car Seat

We bought the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix before Z was born. It has really good reviews of 4.4 stars rating out of 5 (here), is super comfortable, and expensive too and fits perfectly on our Mini Cooper Stroller. The seat is easy to fix if you have an isofix car base and it disengages easily. Perfect for mummies who need an easy in and out solution for strollers and cars.

I scanned the reviews and naturally thought it was an excellent option.

To my horror, Z never took a liking for the car seat from day 1. If he can speak, I’m sure he would tell me he hates it. The car seat has since caused much distressed, especially if he has been on it for more than 10 minutes. He would fuss, bawl his eyes out, and basically blackmail us to take his butt out of the seat NOW, if not…

I don’t remember if I spoke about the many baby slings and wraps I had to try just to get him to agree with me on using it? I had gone through 4 slings and wraps in total to find a suitable one for Z. It never occurred to me that babies do not like to be swaddled? Well, mine did. And that is the reason why I never got a Tula Baby Carrier (they are so pretty?).

He HATES it.

The car seat and refusal to be swaddled just SMACK me in my face. What we think is best for our children (the crazy research that takes place) may not necessary be what they like. I think this statement holds true many years down the road.

Now as we upgrade Z to a Group 0+/1 car seat, we brought him along. He seemed to have taken a liking to his cousin’s car seat (when he was younger), and I think a Joie might just fit him better.

My coming 8 months with him is nothing of what I ever dreamt of. I have always imagined babies to be sweet, quiet and meek. All butterflies, roses and cotton candy.

This is all but an illusion.

He is loud, a little violent, and has a high-need to be out and about. But of course, he is still my sweet little baby 🙂

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