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High Tea at The Knolls (Capella)

Photo from Remote Lands
I am not a regular high-tea person.

It is a luxury (of time), and I’m pretty much pressed for time. The daily grind of seeing to baby’s meals, being a chauffeur, and nagging is taking up all possible living energy within me. I’m saying Hello March! without even realising it’s March (what? 3 months of 2016 has gone by?).

We managed to squeeze out time and took the afternoon off for a weekday afternoon tea at The Knolls, Capella Singapore.

Long Driveway

Talking about first impressions, you should totally checkout the really long natural-meets-colonial driveway! It reminded me very much of the driveways leading to vineyards in Australia. There were peacocks basking under the sun, and that vast amount of space was extremely inviting. I’m certain it would delight any young child.

I wonder if it’s structured in this manner on purpose because it sure did build up anticipation, and I found myself entering a really peaceful state of mind.

Wide Selection of Tea

Shortly after being seated, the service staff handed us the tea time menu and scurried in with a platter of tea selection that would thrill any tea lover. I suppose there were more than 20 bottles of tea to choose from.

My thoughts immediately went to Ms Chew, who is a big fan of teas, and the many moments in Brisbane where we had our afternoon tea from the balcony overlooking other apartments (haha). They were great memories.

Then, T threw me a curve ball as I was examining the selection. He told me he likes ginger tea, in particular the sensation from drinking ginger tea, and asked if I can pick one out for him. So, I acceded to his request, carefully looked at every single glass bottle of tea, and tried to figure out which would suit his tastebuds.

I never told him this but I was chucklingly in my mind – see that slight grin on my face that he captured? Yup.  The majority of tea selection were green tea base – he detest green tea btw.

Beautiful Tiered Pool

Photo from: Kiwi Collection

We made our tough selection (of choosing teas) and I sat back to look at my surroundings. As expected there wasn’t much of a weekday crowd. There were a couple of tables by the window filled by tourists and a heavily pregnant lady. We were given a table that had a glimpse of the swimming pool. I thought the swimming pool reminded me of paddy fields in Bali as it was tiered, looked as if it’s overflowing and overlooked the sea.

Tea Selection @ $39.90 Per Pax

We took the tea menu for 1 pax, because I think for 2 would be an overdose of desserts. Btw, there wasn’t a selection of menu. I needed my coffee by then and topped up as a la carte order. We got in at 3:30pm and left by 5:45pm, back home to see Z.

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