Travel: From Singapore to Perth City (Part 1)


We are back in sunny Singapore after close to a week of road trip in Western Australia.

It was SUPER fun and extremely exhausting. I did more planning, packing and manual work than I ever had in comparison to other holiday trips.

Part 1 of Travel: From Singapore to Perth City (Part 1) will cover more on the journey from Singapore to Perth City. The little details within may bore you unless you are a parent or parent-to-be.

Watch this space where I’ll share more on the trip!

Travel With A 8-Month Old

I had to mentally prepare myself for this trip because I’m traveling, for the first time, with an 8-month old.
This is the age where you need to pack and prepare for everything. When I say everything, I mean everything from different types of attire for possible cold and hot weather, to all sorts of food from solids, semi-solid to soft, and the list goes on. I had to dig deep into my creative brain dungeons to anticipate the worst that can happen for any circumstances (e.g. no food, no hot water, too cold, too hot), and prepare escape plans.

This is also the age where they can’t walk, but would like to walk, and therefore puts your arms, back and legs through one hell of a ride.

The worst on my “travel with a 8-month old” list was knowing I can’t reason with this small human being. Like it or not, he is going to cry, and I can’t reason my way with him.

On a side note, this trip had 5 adults and 3 children below the age of 4.

Flight with Singapore Airlines at 9:25am

For a 9:10am flight departure, we had to leave the house by 7am to be at the airport by 7:30am. We included heaps of buffer time in case the children needed more time to sort out their emotions and settle themselves in general.

As parents this meant we wake up at 5:15am to prepare and tie up loose ends. I did the following by 7am:

  • Wash my face
  • Prepare myself (skincare, hair, change attire)
  • Had coffee
  • Boil water and pour water into hot flask
  • Transfer cooled boiled water into water bottle
  • Cook porridge and transfer porridge to hot flask
  • Wash pump parts, container and milk bottles and pack them into milk bag
  • Pack pumped milk and formula milk
  • Pump milk (30 minutes)
  • Pack biscuits, cereal and grind fresh kiwi and strawberry
  • Remember to put ice pack into milk bag before leaving the house
  • Wipe Z when he wakes up
  • Change pampers and clothes
  • Pack his changing mat, destine and wet wipes
  • Pack empty containers

This list of things are not including what we have already packed the night before in our hand carry bags 🙂 We used 1 week to put together everything that needs to go along with us to Australia, and T used 1 night to physically pack the items into 2 hand carry and 2 luggages.

Got out of the house by 7:15am after some delays and reached airport by 7:45am.

Check-In At Changi Airport 

We checked in 2 big pieces of luggage, baby stroller and baby car seat.

You can rent car seats in Australia at about $10 – $15 a day, but we choose to bring ours as we have a really fussy baby onboard. Anyway, Z had 10kg of check-in luggage allowance.

Generally, both airports – Changi Airport and Perth Airport, and Singapore Airlines were very accommodating to liquids and medicine for babies. You get to keep your hot water, boiled water, and medicine. Sidetrack a little, the only item I had to throw at Perth Airport was the Kiwi + Strawberry – fair enough, and I expected that so I fed him onboard before touching down.

So, although we arrived at the airport nice and early, we had to deal with unexpected children situations – poop in pants, emotional breakdowns, and fussiness are one of many incidents. By the time we cleared immigration, it was time for boarding – yup.

No more duty free shopping, or having breakfast at lounges for the first time in my travel plans.

Tip is to arrive at airport early. Children are children, and they can be super unpredictable.

Onboard The Airplane


Some delicate pre-planning was necessary before this. Kudos to my sister-in-law for suggesting we take a morning flight as close to the boys nap time so they will drift off to sleep onboard. This suggestion helped as Z slept through most of the flight, and was awake for only an hour in total onboard.



Just look at how blue the sky was. Sometimes, life can be beautiful and simple like this. That 5-minutes standing by the window once we got off the plane was complete bliss.


We arrived on Monday and the freaking temperature was 40 degrees. No joke. When I took in the air, it was dry and hot just like how you would feel in a sauna. Z wasn’t too pleased!

Accommodation: Mont Clare Boutique Apartment
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.57.29 am

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 2.15.05 pm
A series of unfortunate events took place, where I will elaborate on shortly. This explains why I never managed to take any decent photo of our accommodation. I’ve pulled out some images from their website, and what you see is what you get.

Flat Layout

There were 3 large rooms. 2 rooms had toilets. 1 of the toilets had an extended washing and drying area, great if you need to wash children’s clothes.

The kitchen was well-equipped with gas stove, oven, fridge, microwave, coffee and tea, cups, plates and pans.

There is only 1 air-con unit in the hall and a couple of standing fans.

In short, it was what we needed to keep up with our daily chores for the children.

Check-in was quick, and fuss free.

The reasons for our selection was that it was near the airport, and there was a Chinese eatery nearby. In view that we were departing for Margaret River the next morning, meant it was another 3-hour drive, we made the decision to live near to the airport to shorten the children’s agony for plane/car rides.

This was one of the best decisions we made too. We arrived at 2:30pm, and only got into the accommodation by 5:30pm because of travel blunders we made.

Address: 190 Hay Street, East Perth WA 6004, Australia

Travel Blunders

I shared a photo on Instagram last week on how epic our travel had been for the first day. Here goes:
We Left The Stroller At The Arrival Belt
As first time traveling parents, we made a huge boo boo by forgetting to pick up the stroller at the arrival belt. Who remembers the stroller when you have like 2 big luggages, 1 car seat, 2 big hand carry? 
We walked out of the arrival hall, to a common area only to recall of our stroller much later. How was I supposed to walk back in to get my stroller?!
I walked to the SQ check-in counter, lugging along my 9kg baby to seek help. The counter lady, all prime and proper sat comfortably behind her desk and redirected me to the office. She told me to go to the bookstore to ask for directions. I asked if there was a help desk in Perth Airport, and was replied: no. 
I went to the bookstore, and the people there looked clueless. So I made my way down again to the counter to ask another lady. She directed me upstairs, also sitting behind the counter comfortably. 
Where in the world is this office?!
Long story short, I stumbled across the office and met a really kind man. He got up from his seat and helped me retrieve back my stroller, and walked me back to the family. 
I think having Changi Airport as a benchmark made Perth’s airport pale in comparison. I still wonder why there isn’t a help desk in the airport. 
So that’s boo-boo number 1. 
Wrong Rental Car
We were given the wrong rental car, and only noticed after we put in all our luggages, hand carry bags, and car seats. It was no joke to have 5 adults and 3 children’s baggages loaded onto the car at 40 degrees, with 2 toddlers running all over the place. 
Nightmare. Go figure.
Left 1 Hand Carry Bag in Old Rental Car
After figuring out we received the wrong car, we had it changed. Drove to the apartment happily, only to unload all bags to discover we left 1 hand carry in the previous car. 
That meant Z’s porridge, snacks, my laptop, camera, external hard disk and more. 
How crazy? 
So, T and sister made their way back to the airport with two tired toddlers. We rushed to the supermarket to get food for next morning’s breakfast and road trip, and rushed to have dinner. The children were tired and hungry, and Australia shops closes early. 
It was a messy and extremely rushed first day, and that was how we ended our epic first day.
More updates on the trip to Busselton Jetty – Margaret River next!

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