Margaret River

After the pitstop at Busselton Jetty, we arrived at our accommodation in Margaret River. We choose to live in a house as we do have quite a few of us, and we wanted to do a BBQ on one of the nights.The accommodation at 3 Pollock Lane, Margaret River came well equipped. Seriously, well equipped. It was super clean, contemporary and had a playground not too far away! Complete bonus. The neighbourhood was a typical Australian suburb – quiet, clean and comfortable.Why do I say the house is seriously equipped? The kitchen had good quality blender, oven, toaster, microwave oven, utensils and everything and anything you can think of.They even have salt, pepper, cling wrap, aluminium foil and a really cool trash bin. I don’t usually use equipped left in accommodation, but this was different. It was clean and polish.

Margaret River Accommodation at 3 Pollock Lane, Margaret River

The property had a 2 halls, a drying and washing room, spacious dinning area, open concept kitchen, and two rooms at level 1.
Hall on Level 1

Hall on Level 1

View of backyard from the hall

View of backyard from the hall


Backyard with an outdoor BBQ pit



Moving on to level 2 is the main bedroom, where I lived in for 2 nights. Here is a panoramic view of hall #2, the outdoor balcony and a dry kitchen.

The main bedroom was spacious, but I completely forgotten to take any image. It had a walk-in wardrobe, a balcony (which I never got to enjoy because I had to care my baby), and a huge toilet!

Hall on the 2nd level

Hall on the 2nd level


The main bedroom's bathroom and walk-in wardrobe

The main bedroom’s bathroom and walk-in wardrobe

Sunflower Animal Farm Margaret River

We had the choice between Sunflower Farm and Wonky Windmill Farm. We choose the formal as it was closer to us. At the end of the day, the whole purpose was to let the children feed farm animals.

The farm had your typical farm animals – pigs, chickens, goats, cows, donkeys, chicks, and more. It also had an area where you can step in to mingle with rabbits and guinea pigs.

The children shared a bucket of mixed feed and that was enough to go around the farm. I think the animals there are extremely well fed as everyone goes there to feed them!



Sunflower Animal Farm

Admission Fee: $12
Animal Food Bucket: $3

Brewhouse Margaret River

Lunch was supposed to be at Leeuwin Estate, but as we were cruising along searching for a petrol kiosk, this place caught my eye. So, why not!

I like it because it had an outdoor lawn overlooking thick bushes. The restaurant was attractive, looked new, and had a grass lawn that babies could probably roll around in.


Brewhouse Margaret River

35 Bussell Highway
Margaret River
Western Australia 6285
I realise I did not take the interior of the restaurant when I should have. I did a quick google search and came across Perth Cafe Culture blog which shows good pictures of Brewhouse Margaret River!
We ended the day with lunch before popping by Target and Coles to stock up on food, and for some light shopping. The children were really tired from the morning visit to Sunflower Farm, and since we had planned for a BBQ at night, we headed home to prepare while the kiddos napped.
That’s all of the highlights for my trip down under. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as how I enjoy penning these memories down.
Can’t wait for the next trip out 😉

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