St Moritz, Switzerland


I have been sorting photos lately while working on a mini home improvement project. I’m looking to develop some photos to display on my family wall, and I stumbled across our honeymoon photos. In my memory, our honeymoon was like The Great Gatsby. It was magically dark, dreamy, exhilarating, and extremely haunting. I have never witnessed so much beauty in such a short span in time.

One of places we choose to cover was Switzerland.

When we visited Switzerland, we stayed in St Moritz for two nights. It was by chance that we choose St Moritz over Jungfrau, which would have been the more popular choice. A friend residing in Switzerland told us to head over to St Moritz as it was less touristy.

St Moritz was what I always thought Switzerland should be. The feeling of stepping foot on St Mortiz was out of this world. It was stunningly breath taking. I will also remember how it made me feel to be in the presence of these beautiful snow capped Alps.

I was like the firefly drawn to it’s dull pulsating light.


That is an image of T stepping out of the train after close to 4 hours train ride. How gorgeous is that view?

Accommodation: Hotel Eden Garni St. Moritz

We resided in Hotel Eden, which I later came to know is a family-run property. The highlights of this property for me was definitely the view from the room, and the tea room.

The Room


Ranked #7 of 34 hotels in St Moritz, Hotel Eden lives up to the legendary Swiss Service excellence.

The room was clean, inviting, and very warm. I actually choose to stay in for half a day while T took the cable car up the mountains to enjoy a cold-solo morning.

I don’t really know how anyone can not stay in to enjoy such a view?

That very morning, it started to snow. We were just bugging the staff at Hotel Eden if there would be any chance for snow falling from the sky, which they promptly replied – not likely to.


T and I rushed down.

I put out my hands in anticipation to catch falling snowflakes, but did not have much luck to see snow in snowflakes form. Long time ago, when I was in Korea I caught them in snowflakes form.

Tea Room


It was really cold in St Moritz, and it made me want to stay in all the time. Hotel Eden offers complimentary coffee, a wide range of tea selection, and cakes at it’s tea room. It has a classic European interior – heavy wood, red carpet, and a fireplace.



St Moritz houses many big designer brands – Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Cartier and more. It is not a location with many activities for children other than Skiing. It does have some lovely restaurants, a retail outlet of home-made chocolates by Hotel Hauser, but the area is pretty much a rest and relax locale to recuperate from hectic travel plans, and to sip a cup of tea.

If I had taken photography more seriously back then, this place would have been my heaven. It is picturesque, and extremely calming. It has an entirely different landscape from Singapore, and I think I can very much appreciate a slower change in pace.

We left St Moritz back to Zurich after two days.

Song of the trip: Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful

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