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Photography: Nikon D5300


I’ve decided to write a post on my new DSLR camera as I have a couple of people asking which camera I’m using, and why I choose Nikon over Canon.

Why Nikon?

I have been using Canon for the past decade as a hobby photographer (digital camera). I take photos of outings, gatherings, and have mainly used my camera as a tool for capturing moments. But when I upgraded from a digital camera to a DSLR, I picked Nikon.

I have personally done my research online by stalking bloggers and the photos they took, looked at what professional wedding photographers are using, and even googled ” What DSLR camera is [NAME] using”. Here is what I found out – some sweeping statistics: 8 out of 10 professional photographers/bloggers I came across hold on to a Canon DSLR.

I also emailed 3 photographers based overseas, and spoke to a couple of professional photographers on why they choose Canon over Nikon, and I got a rather standard reply – because Canon has a wider range of lenses.

GOOD, I thought.

I mean there is some consistency in their answers and what I was looking out for in particular was – Canon’s photo image is better than Nikon, which I heard non of. Through my research, I also found cameras with mirrorless technology, which is stated to be the future of photography. It is lighter, and is supposed to be comparable to a standard DSLR. The people I spoke to don’t seem to agree that the mirrorless technology being as good to a regular DSLR, and they thought mirrorless technology cameras do lose out quality for night photography. I’m quite a novice to photography so I won’t debate on that.

For me, it was simple. I don’t earn anything from photography. I am just a mother who hopes to take some nice pictures of her growing up boy, and to take some nice product and conventional event images for Sunday Morning Celebrations.

Nikon Photos: Natural and A Little Blue

I knew from the start I wanted my photos to be natural, and a little on the blue side. Having used Canon for more than a decade, I know that Canon images are warm. I too know that I can always use photoshop to adjust the colour of images, but really that is one hell of a work when you have 200+ images to edit from a trip.

Let you in on something. Thanks to my need to edit the colour of my images, I learnt to use Photoshop, and I think I have rather decent Photoshop skills now – from creating posters, web graphics, to selective editing of areas that are all self taught with the help of YouTube, heaps of reading + trial & error 😉

Why Nikon D5300 and not the upgraded version of D5500, or something more swanky?

Two very simple reasons. I had a budget, and I wasn’t going to spend so much money on a new hobby that I picked up. I wasn’t sure if I would like using a DSLR, so it is probably best to keep within a budget. Secondly, I don’t earn from photography, so I probably just need a entry-mid level camera. I can always upgrade in future, and that still remain as a question mark.

Photography is hard work. Covering events photography is super hard work. I always tell me husband, I won’t make a good photographer because I love my subject (son) more than I love photography. So, I will work super duper hard to perfect photography, stay in awkward positions, and take many shots just to get the perfect shot for him. I’m not so sure I can do this for others.

So, why D5300? It is a good enough camera for my use with workabe Wifi function, a rotating screen, and compact enough for my travel. The features are similar to the D5500 other than the touchscreen. Is the touchscreen important to me? Not so for a camera, but a car – yes. What is the price difference? A couple of hundreds. Ok, there.

While researching I also came across articles and forums, and the best takeaway I got from them is that Canon or Nikon, they are both good cameras. Whatever camera you buy, try to make full use of its features, and really take the time to explore your equipment before deciding to change or upgrade. Sometimes, we just need to work hard enough 😉

Last words…You may have a good camera, but if you are not so much of a photographer, you probably won’t be able to utilize each function. And with that I took the plunge and bought my D5300.

[Photo taken by my Canon Powershot G15 Camera]

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