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Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your House

I like to constantly improve the aesthetics of my living space. A beautifully decorated living space makes you feel good and inspired to face a day filled with challenges. When we first moved into our flat, we had a really tough time picking up our ideal pieces of furnitures.  These were big investments, and we thought it was better to get it right the first time around. Fast forward to a year on, we have settled on the essentials, which I consider to be the backbone of a house. Now moving on to phase 2 is to include the softer touches – the ones that make up the personality of your space. So if you are looking for inexpensive ways to decorate your home ideas read on!

1. Decorate with Wall Art (Posters)


A good way to dress up a blank wall or children’s nursery is to hang wall art. It is a great way to express yourself, and reflect your personality. There are many online gift shops that sell beautiful wall art and typography prints these days. It is such great joy to be browsing these pieces of art, and to top it off, wall art can provide you with great inspiration when you are working from home, or just mulling over that problem at work.

The simple poster below was created by me for my newborn. I thought I should decorate his nursery with beautiful quotations of my blessing to him, and it was my way of welcoming him to the world. I never got it printed because I figured I would like him to sleep with us at least for the first 2 years. Maybe when he is 3, and gets his own room!

Check out ikea for wall art starting from $5.90.

2. Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers add beautiful touches to any space in your house. It is beautiful to look at, and doubles up as an inspiring piece of art work. Be it the dining room, the bar top counter, or a bed side table. At home, you’ll even find dried scented flowers in my toilets! Flowers are inexpensive and easy to put together quickly over the weekend, or if you are hosting a dinner party. Just make a trip down to your local market – I got mine from Tiong Bahru Market!

3. Breathe New Life to Existing Homeware


Reuse and recycle kaya or jam jars. They are basically free. Don’t just chunk them down the chute, give them a new lease of life by spray coating them with any colour you wish! You can easily purchase Nippon Python Spray Paint from DIY stores around Singapore or make a trip to Art Friend. A can of spray probably cost you less than $10? And you get a brand new vase to house your flowers every weekend.

4. Trinket Tray


If like me you like little bits of decorative pieces lying around the house, then I’m sure you will like a trinket tray. I bought this colourful muffin top trinket tray from Japan, Daiso, yes – from Japan (although it’s available in Singapore) because I was worried it will be out of stock in Singapore. But let’s just say it’s not the case. This cute and super happy looking trinket tray sits on my keys counter, housing our house keys.

5. Cushions 


I would definitely name this sub header as Bedsheets and Cushions if not for the price of bedsheets (good ones are in the range of $300 and above, especially if you are concern over how it feels on your skin). So yes, cushions. The affordable cousin of bedsheets where you can change them up every month without breaking the bank. With so many online lifestyle shops popping up these days – HipVan, 3LittlePicks, Naiise etcetera, you are spoilt for choice. You can change the cover of these cushions like fast fashion on a monthly basis to suit the mood of the month. They are fun, quirky and are great inclusions on a sofa or bed.

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