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In Summary: May 2016


Lately, I managed to spent some time with myself to do things that I enjoy. These things are like taking a walk in the park,reading, and picking new skills. Life packs us with back-to-back responsibilities, and a billion of things to complete, and I actually feel as if I just ran a marathon over the past month. I suppose you need to learn how to put the ‘fun’ into these daily chores.

For most part of May (half of it), T was away from Singapore. This meant I ran everything from business to household. Luckily I have a super efficient helper!

On top of this craziness, also meant I had pockets of time to myself. I managed to catch up on my books: Lean In: Women, Work, and the will to Lead, and House Rules by Jodi Picoult, my all time favourite writer.

Lean In is more of a biography, which I really enjoy. It covers a lot about women in the workforce, and certain gender biasness, and how to overcome them. I actually bought this book about a year back, but I couldn’t relate to it. Here 1.5 years later, I can read the book and nod my head to certain concepts. Comprehension does come with life experience and age 😉

Picoult, on the other hand is a fiction writer that weaves in realness into her stories. She writes in “grey”, and I think anyone who believes the world is not “black and white” will enjoy her stories and language very much.




In May, I covered a handful of wedding set-ups, and ran into a couple of challenging situations. It’s Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I have seriously learnt to think on my feet, and react to the situations.

New Skills: Illustration

I am a self-taught photoshop user, and basically every graphic you see on Sunday Morning Celebrations is done by me. I am super thankful for YouTube, and the web. It has so much information on it that if you set your heart to do something, you will definitely find success.

While working on photoshop, I come to experience firsthand the wonders of what is can do, but also discovered its limits. So, I’m moving on to illustration. I’ve started doing some pattern illustrations, and working out on sketches on Nemo and Dory (Z has taken a liking to these fishes).

What’s Next?

For the rest of the year I plan to work on living a minimalistic lifestyle (came across this blog, some ideas I agree, while other I don’t), and continue my adventures in the kitchen.

Update again soon!

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