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Playbrush Review (Sponsored Post)


Let’s talk about oral hygiene!

According to a Straits Time article, one in two Singapore kids has rotten teeth. Eeks.

The topic on brushing teeth for Z came up in my household last week. I was asked, twice, when he should be brushing his teeth? Both times I did not respond, but made a mental note to find out someday. I thought we could probably wait until he is about three? Well, brushing teeth for children is a tough topic to tackle, really. How do you introduce a toothbrush to a toddler, and get them to brush their teeth when they probably don’t understand what brushing teeth means?

This Singhealth report states that a child’s first visit to a dentist should be at age one, and I think I’m a little slow in introducing Z to the dental health department.

The timing came in just right when Sample Store contacted me to do a review of Playbrush. It is like a teeth game to introduce children to the world of brushing teeth! How smart! Before I go into details, watch this video to get a sensing of how you can use technology to encourage your child to enjoy brushing his teeth!

It is a brilliant way to infuse technology into doing simple, mundane things like brushing your teeth (just look at the Pokemon effect), ha!


The Playbrush pack comes with the device in pink or blue, a really cute illustration booklet, and a USB charger.


It is package as a “teeth game” with bright colours, and super cute illustrations to encourage children to start a good habit of brushing their teeth.

To start the game, you need to first download the Utoothia App available on Apple Store of Google Play. Insert the toothbrush into the device, give it a good shake, wait for the blinking yellow right and you are ready to start.


In order to win, you need to brush according to the directions stated in the game to get rid of the monsters. How cute right? I actually played the game for awhile, and I’m definitely sold on this.

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